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Part-Time CFO

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Part-Time CFO Services for Longmont Businesses

As companies grow, they can usually benefit from the financial advice and insight of a chief financial officer (CFO). The problem is, many companies have grown enough to take things to the next level, but not enough to hire a full-time employee to perform the job of CFO. That’s where Hawkins & Martinez, LLC can help. We offer comprehensive CFO services on a part-time basis to meet the needs of our valued clients.

Benefits of Part-Time CFO Services

When you work with Hawkins & Martinez, LLC for part-time CFO services, you get a lot more than you might think. We are problem solvers. We come ready to learn what makes your business tick and to provide expert financial planning and preparation.

More than that, though, working with a part-time CFO can be a sound financial decision. Our clients are typically able to lower the cost of their accounting department, making the monthly fee for the part-time CFO well worth it. The CFO can oversee your clerks and bookkeepers, streamlining processes and ensuring efficiency. Our professionals are also able to produce high quality work and can be more productive then their full-time counterparts.

Hawkins & Martinez, LLC also provides unmatched experience and expertise. We know what to say to the IRS and when. We can communicate and negotiate with vendors and banks, while also promoting organization between the departments within your business.

Services Offered

Our primary part-time CFO services include accounting, payroll, and tax planning and preparation. We’ll work to identify and analyze financial trends within your company, prepare and monitor budgets, and generally improve the timeliness and quality of the financial information available to you. Your part-time CFO will also assist with managing and training accounting staff.

With Hawkins & Martinez, LLC, your company will benefit from enhanced financial decision making and the guidance of a professional you can trust.

Learn More about Our CFO Services Today

When you work with the experienced staff at Hawkins & Martinez, LLC, you can expect unmatched quality and superior customer service. Our maturity in the industry allows us to provide insight that few others can offer. To learn more about our part-time CFO services and how we might help your company, contact us today for a consultation!